Experience Guide

천연염색아! 놀자
the Korea Natural Dyeing Museum
  • Registration of Public Class-1 Museum
  • The nation’s largest scale of natural dyeing facility
  • guesthouse and its surrounding tourism at a glance
  • The place where visitors can see the world’s natural dyeing cultures from traditional dyeing history to modern technique including the history of Korean natural dyeing in connection with

"Color(色)" Unusual Experience!

염색한 천 말리는 모습 염색한 천 말리는 모습
  • About ten or so sorts of experiences utilizing natural dyeing
  • Experience Item gaining popularity from kindergarten, elementary school and the public for its diverse price ranges

Natural Dyeing Progress Order

  • Training Time
    • - Morning Class: 10:00 ~ 12:00
    • - Afternoon Class: 13:00 ~ 15:00
      ※ The scheduled time is subject to change according to experience.
  • After Visiting here
    • - A Group : Basic Training (Experience Training, Viewing of Exhibition Hall)
    • - B Group : Experience Training (Viewing of Exhibition Hall, Basic Training)
    • - C Group : Viewing of Exhibition Hall (Basic Training, Experience Training)
10:00 Division by group after getting off the bus (Division of more than 100 persons into 3 Groups), 10:40 A조 Basic Training,B조 Experience Training, C조 Viewing of the Museum, 11:20 A조 Experience Training, B조 Viewing of the Museum, C조 Basic Training, 12:00 A조 Viewing of the Museum, B조 Basic Training, C조 Experience Training, 13:00 Delicious Lunch(Grass Garden of the Museum)※In case of rain or a hot day, it’s possible to have meals indoors., 14:30 Participation in additionally-operated programs(Optional), 14:30~15:20 Returning home

※Operation of the Reservation System, Possible to adjust time

Making Patterns of my own

  • Object:Available for Group & Individual (Kindergarten~ Adult)
  • Contents
    • - Elementary Level: Dyeing after tying a wished form using rubber band(Kindergarten~)
    • - Intermediate Level: Dyeing after binding a wished form using various materials(wooden chopsticks, stone, and coin, etc.) (Kindergarten~ )
    • - Advanced Level: Dyeing after tie-dyeing using sewing (Middle School Students~)
나만의 무늬만들기 가격 표
Contents Teaching Aids Teaching paper(won)
(Teaching aids expenses included)
Basic Dyeing Handkerchief 5,000
Pencil case, a lucky bag 6,000
T-shirt 9,000
Bag 9,000 ~
Scarf 15,000 ~
Jjok Dyeing Handkerchief 6,000
Pencil case, a lucky bag 7,000
T-shirt 16,000
Bag 12,000 ~
Scarf 16,000 ~
염색 체험하는 사람들 체험 후 단체사진

Making the one and only Pottery

Use of Ceramic colored paper
  • Object : Group(Kindergarten~Adult)
Use of Ceramic colored paper
Contents Teaching Aids Teaching paper(won)
(Teaching aids expenses included)
Decorating a Ceramic Mug, and Pencil Case Mug, Pencil Case 8,000

※ After baking it in a kiln, and it is packed and delivered by parcel service in two weeks.

Individual Experience Information(Jjok Dyeing)

  • Object : Individual (Kindergarten~Adult)
  • Dyeing Experience: Dyeing after binding a wished form using rubber band
  • Pottery Experience: Sticking my own picture to a pottery of ceramic material
Individual Experience Information(Jjok Dyeing)
Contents Time Teaching Aids Teaching paper(won)
(Teaching aids expenses included)
Jjok Dyeing(Blue) Every Saturday & Sunday
- First session:14:00
- Second session: 15:30
- Third session: 16:30
Handkerchief (48*48) 7,000
Pencil case (20*10) 8,000
Pocket (15*20) 8,000
Bag 17,000
T-shirt 17,000
Scarf (50*170) 17,000 ~
Decorating a mug and pencil case Every Saturday afternoon Mug, Pencil Case 11,000 ~
  • Progress of ‘Experience’ after receiving a request at the museum shop on the 1st floor 10 minutes before experiencing time
  • Phone Inquiries about Natural Dyeing Experience Teaching aids and Dyes : 061-335-0160, 061-335-0110
쪽염색천 쪽염색천